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Jeannie Mai Opens Up About Sexual Assault During Childhood

Follow: @anthromisticnews 💕 Website: anthromistic.com 💕 The Real’s @TheJeannieMai opens up about the sexual assault she endured from a family starting at the age of 9 with her mother on new web series @hellohunnayshow . The 40 year old fashion stylist explained when she confined in her mother around the ages of 13 and 16, begging for a new babysitter before confessing. Unfortunately, Momma Mai didn’t believe Jeannie and accused her of lying. The lack of support created a nine year separation between the mother and daughter, lasting from age 16 to 24. It wasn’t until then Momma Mai believed #JeannieMai and confronted the abuser. “I’m Sorry” says Momma Mai. Episodes of #HelloHunnay with Jeannie Mai premiere every Thursday at 10 a.m. PST on YouTube and Facebook. As a #survivor I must admit nothing hurts more than when no one believes your story or when people turn on you. For years I cried my eyes out from the abuse I experienced and what I probably could have been if that trauma would have never entered my life. Would I have gained confidence sooner? Or #selfworth? Was it my fault like everyone said (I was also 9 years old)? Was I a hoe? How quickly everyone took the abuser’s (a grown man about 25) side, even with prior arrests for hard drug usage and sexual assault. *my mom got him sent to prison.

My point is, stop protecting predators! By doing so, you alter the value and life path of the young girls in your life!