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Thoughts On The Indie Film "Loqueesha"?

It’s 2019. Is American society ready for racial boundaries to be pushed visually on the big screen? Or is this totally out of line? Comment Below👇🏾

Actor @JeremySaville is the creator and star of upcoming indie film #loqueesha. According to HotNewHipHop, #loqueesha follows a white bartender named Joe who needs to come up with cash to pay for his son's private school education. He auditions for a local Detroit radio station's talk therapy show but is rejected because he's not interesting enough. To gain an advantage, he invents Loqueesha, an over-the-top black woman who is all sass.

The #BlackCommunity and social media began dragging Saville by his edges the moment the trailer was released via #Youtube on May 11th, 2019. The film is being called out for racism, stereotyping, and modern blackface. As a response, the creator has compared the 2004 White Chicks accompanied with a photo of himself and @marlonwayans.

When I first saw the trailer I was taken back. I couldn’t believe the mockery of black women. The title represents an outdated idea of who we are! The other part of me wants to be open minded and consider #Loqueesha to be a “progressive” film. Is this diversity at its finest?

Something I find interesting, everyone is upset with @jeremysaville but I’m not hearing to much about starring actress #MaraHall or the other black cast mates involved. Why not? We have to control our own narrative. #controversial #pushingboundaries#tewmuch #culturalappropriation#culture #diversity #blackpeople#blackqueen #blackgirlsrock#blackgirlmagic #society#anthropology #melanin #netflix#hulu #festival #melaninmagic#stereotypes #racism #whitepeople#complex