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Are You Still Upset With Ayesha Curry?

On Monday, May 6th 2019 #AyeshaCurry appeared on an episode @JadaPinkettSmith ‘s Red Table Talk. During the segment Mrs. Curry was asked how she responds groupies seeking out her NBA Superstar husband, #StephCurry . The 30 year old mom of 3 responded openly and honestly by saying husband Steph Curry is too kind to reject a fan so she has to politely interject herself into certain conversations. Ayesha’s next comment put the overall public into an uproar: “Something that really bothers me and has given me a sense of an insecurity…Yeah, there are all these women throwing themselves. But me, I don’t have any of that. I have zero male attention. And I begin to internalize that, like ‘Is something wrong with me?’ I’m like, ‘That’s not fair.’ I don’t want it. But it would be nice to know that someone’s looking.” #Americaimmediately calling the successful chef and entrepreneur ungrateful and thirsty for attention. What’s even worse many women attacked her as well. My only question is where is this energy for cheating male athletes or male professionals? Ayesha has been loyal to Curry since the age of 15. Why is it unacceptable to be honest about wanting to know she still got it, especially when he husband is constantly receiving an ego boost from a certainty or of female fans? Oh that’s right only men are allow to have an abundance of confidence. I’m tired of women being treated as less than. We birth society. I appreciate Ayesha Curry for sticking to her guns and not changing comments made on the #RedTableTalk. Instead, she and Steph Curry boasted about her strength to speak her mind and true emotions. Follow: @anthromisticnews 💕 Website: anthromistic.com 💕 #redtabletalk #ayeshacurry#jadapinkettsmith #interview#stephcurry #honesty #keepitreal#womensrights#womenempowerment#womeninbusiness #nba #stephcurry#warriors #melaninmagic#blackqueen #blackgirlmagic#blackgirlsrock #blackwoman#melaninpoppin