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#harMONiousMusicMondays: Nipsey Hussle [Rest In Peace]

What's up society? Spring is finally arriving with warm kisses. I hope April showers you with love and miracles.

This Harmonious Music Monday is dedicated to a legend.

On March 31st, 2019 at 3:55 pm, hip hop artist Nipsey Hu$$le (Nipsey Hussle) (may he rest in peace) [Real Name: Ermias Joseph Asghedom] passed away 35 minutes after being shot close range multiple times outside of his company, Marathon Clothing [Located: 3420 W. Slauson Street Ave., Los Angeles, California]. Two others were also wounded on the scene. One victim identified as Kerry Lathan.

Murder Suspect, Eric R. Holder Jr., age 29 was spotted on numerous surveillance cameras as the alleged gun man. After shooting the rapper twice, Holder turned around and fired additional bullets after Nipsey still had strength to say something similar to "You shot me, you got me, I'm good."

Holder was arrested two days after the death of Nipsey Hu$$le pleading not guilty to one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder. Holder's bond is $5 million and if convicted, will face life in prison.

Recently, Holder has stated he was paid $75,000 by the Los Angeles Police Department to assassinate Hussle without being charged.

Check out the Breakfast Club for more details:

A Los Angeles native and member of the Rolling 60's, Nipsey Hu$$le, [Born: August 15th, 1985] was a beloved father, entrepreneur, philanthropist and overall community hero to those close and worldwide. On April 11th, 2019 his soul was laid to rest after a beautiful goodbye in the packed Staples Center. Sadly, he leaves behind two children and his possible twin flame, actress Lauren London. Nipsey's death seemed to have a spiritual impact. The 33 year old received condolences ranging from Barack & Michelle Obama to former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (xxlmag.com).

Today, I would like to celebrate the Grammy-nominated Nipsey Hu$$le's life by highlighting 3 of my personal favorite songs from his eighth mix tape, Crenshaw, released 2013.

I'm definitely doing another tribute for Nipsey Hu$$le in the near future. His music is timeless and honesty represents an era of my life. I am so tired of losing artists who feel like peers. First Mac Miller...Now Hussle?? I can't take another lose.

1) 4 In The Mornin

2) Checc Me Out

3) Summertime In That Cutlass

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