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Florida Man Attacks Female McDonald’s Worker After Not Receiving a Straw

On or around January 2nd, 2019 a video of a physical dispute between a male customer and female employee at a St. Petersburg, Florida McDonald’s began to surface across social media sites.

Is Florida really crazy?

The male later identified as, Daniel Taylor age 41, is seen reaching across the counter grabbing Yasmine James by the collar almost pulling her smaller frame over the counter.

At first the root to Taylor's violence is unclear, but according CNN the homeless citizen was upset by McDonald's new “no straw” company policy. The ordinance is effective starting in 2020, though customers can adjust to the change slowly by receiving a straw upon request.

Eyewitnesses state that when Taylor approached the employee to ask for a straw his request was followed by profane language.

As for Yasmine James, it's absolutely terrible her personal space was violated in such an aggressive way. Luckily her quick defensive moves and powerful punches protected her from any harm. It's such a shame fellow co-workers or managers did not attempt to intervene while Yasmine was being assaulted. Instead, viewers hear the manager yell at Yasmine to "go home". Next, the manager obliges to Daniel Taylor's wishes for a straw. Still, Taylor continued to kick two additional workers before exiting the premises- causing injury to one.

Given the managers actions I worried Yasmine might actually be fired for self-defense. By disregarding the danger she endured and giving her attacker his way, the topic of white privilege is brought to the forefront. On camera it is clear as day Daniel Taylor is the assailant. However, once he is done with his attack he demands Yasmine be fired.

Fortunately, Daniel Taylor was later arrested after calling police complaining of a head injury. He will face charges for battery.

In 2019, can society do a better job of protecting our melanin women? Just a thought.



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