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Drake: Scary Hours EP Review

I know. I'm reviewing Drake's 2018 EP (extended play) Scary Hours a little late.  Though, I'm glad it's had a moment to settle in order to see the true success of Scary Hours. Released January 19th, 2018 the EP features two (2) tracks: God's Plan and Diplomatic Immunity. The moment I heard God's Plan I promised I almost cried.. It was during a time when I contemplated what the future may hold, probably similar to many millennials. What is my purpose? Will I accomplish my dreams? I did not see the video until a month or so later. The video was very sweet indeed, however, the original non-visual listen I experienced had me in my feels on a higher level (typical Drake). Check out God's Plan here:

I assume the message God's Plan communicates is the root of many individual's personal desires. We all want to give back. Rather it be to our family, community or selfishly to ourselves. Most deep inside want to share their earnings with others (unless they have no soul jk jk, says the non-judgement Sagittarius- I understand Hustla ;) getcha cake up......treat yourself). I hope the gifts Drake delivered honestly change the unsuspecting civilians in God's Plan lives. We, in America, tend to think we suffer from proverty but the true poverty exist amongst the borders. Even when I think I've faced my worse.....was it really the worst (a constant question)?

Thus far (April 2018), God's Plan has almost over 400 million views on YouTube. I initially heard Diplomatic Immunity around the time visual video of God's Plan was released. The moment I heard the single track I legit thought it was old Drake. Dare I say Cash Money is back? Check out Diplomatic Immunity here:

At first I was skeptical, but now I cannot wait to see what 2018 Summer holds for Drake and the Young Money Crew. I see the come up. 



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