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#harMONiousMusicMondays - 17 Songs for Summer 2017 [A Teacher's Summer Edition]

It's Monday also known as the first official DAY of Summer BREAK! The satisfaction of relaxation is unreal. Just knowing I do not have to be a responsible adult for at least a month is enough for a peaceful night. Making sure the students stay clean and out of trouble is a lot to take on daily, especially when you're only 25 years old yourself. There were days I thought to myself, "why do they have me in here babysitting these bae-bae <3 kids? We are the same age and height" in a joking manner. I still have a lot of wild in me that had to be tamed everyday in order to appear mature.

Being a young teacher had it perks. It was easier to make a genuine connection with the students because it was not too long ago that I faced the same issues. However, other times it was difficult to discipline because I wanted to protect them or show them the error of their ways in alternative ways. I'll be writing a separate piece about my first year teaching. Be sure to check it out!

But back to harMONious Music Mondays. I feel as though the month of June has rejuvenated a part of my soul. I feel alive and free again or at least the beginning of it. Life feels like an adventure again, not a mental trap full of unfulfilling horror.

This Monday I have decided to put together a playlist celebrating the 1st Day of Summer Break. The best way to describe how I feel on this day is = Chill, Relaxed, Easy-Going, Peace-Loving, Quiet, Enlightened, yet still Untamed and most of all unapologetically myself. I hope the playlist presented reflects my state of mind. Enjoy. 17










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