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Rihanna: "Come Here Rude Boy"- The Cultural Background

Am I the only one that thought Rihanna's hit song "Rude Boy" was simply about....a boy with terrible manners? Well upon further investigation, her Jamaican inspired music video makes much more sense.

Apparently, being a "Rude Boy" is apart of a youth subculture in Kingston, Jamaica. The term was originally used to describe young criminals in the 1960's. According to the Jamaican census of 1960, over one-third of the entire population were unemployed and looking for their first job, about 10,000 people. On the other hand, 70% were under the age of 21, from where the rude boys came. They were the main fans of ska music. Ska music is upbeat with a mix between R&B, Reggae, and Jazz.

The "Rude Boys" often imitated the wealthy when it came to their fashion. They are known for wearing clean suits, thin ties, and pork pie or trilby hats often inspired by gangster films.

This youth subculture paved the way for many other subcultures, for example, skinheads. However, I for one think the real "Rude Boys" beat the ones in Rihanna's music video any day.

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