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Brooke Bates: Cosmetic Surgery @ 12 Years Old

In 2005, media outlets began reporting news of a middle school student receiving surgery in hopes of weight loss.

At 12 years old, Brooke Bates underwent cosmetic procedures for liposuction and a tummy tuck. Brooke weighed 220 pounds before the liposuction and tummy and afterwards she lost 35 pounds. By the next year she gained the weight back and then proceeded to have a lap band put in. Now that Brooke is 17 years old she has had numerous of other cosmetic surgeries including a breast augmentation and liposuction from her thighs.

The combined total for all of her surgeries has cost her parent $25,000. In an interview with Mirror.co.uk she stated that before the surgeries she was on the verge of killing herself and that why her parent approved it. Today, instead of trying to keep up a health diet with exercise Bates admitted to wanting more surgery to enhance her chances of looking like Barbie.

There are not many epidemiological studies or clinical trials on the safety and long-term risks of cosmetic procedures for adolescents. But it is recommended that the adolescent shows maturity, and in this case Brooke does not show it. She may have been too young for her first liposuction, therefore, giving her an unrealistic body image.

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