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Marianismo: The Latin Woman

Marianismo is a gender role associated with women in Latin communities and is the counterpart to Machismo [macho man]. The male gender portrays the provider, protector, and a brave man. Marianismo's [female] origin stems from the devotion of Virgin Mary, who is seen as the true definition of femininity. These traits being: virginity, religiously devout and overall the "quiet strength" of the family. Women are seen as the ruler of the home by cleaning, cooking, caring for kids, and serving the husband.

[For a Latina's personal account of Marianismo, please check out: https://hiplatina.com/marianismo/ or https://tainaperalta.wordpress.com/]

According to Social Media, the Marianismo's Ten Commandments of are listed as:

  1. Don’t forget the place of the woman

  2. Don’t give up your traditions

  3. Don’t be an old maid, independent, or have your own opinions

  4. Don’t put your needs first

  5. Don’t wish anything but to be a house wife

  6. Don’t forget sex is to make babies, not pleasure

  7. Don’t be unhappy with your man, no matter what he does to your

  8. Don’t ask for help

  9. Don’t discuss your personal problems outside the house

  10. Don’t change

Due to finding these Commandments on the Internet, I'm sure they are written more tactlessly than the organic copy- if that even exists.

Is there an issue with Marianismo?

Marianismo maintains a duality. It's practice can be seen as a protective mechanism or oppressive. Usually beginning around the age of five, young girls are taught chastity to encourage a decrease in teen pregnancy and STDs. However, the traditional submissive behavior can have long-lasting generational effects. For example, as Latinx (a new Latin gender neutral term I recently learned) women aim for more success and education, Marianismo still supports staying home and a "quiet strength". If the woman does chose to work outside of the home, housekeeping or similar jobs are undertook.

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