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Anthropology: Ranked #1, the Worst Major to Pursue

Number 1? I've heard it time and time again......Anthropology is a hopeless major. Is this true? I doubt it! Sure it takes vitality to major in Anthropology, but that doesn't make it is useless. Besides, aren't most bachelor degrees fruitless if a person does not exert effort or hard-work towards their own career choice?

In 2012, MSN published 10 Worst Majors for Your Career. Anthropology was ranked as number #1 and sited with an unemployment rate of 6.9%. However, additional research from www.studentsreview.com/ shows on average any chosen major has a 6.63% unemployment rate. In fact, an Industrial Design degree faced a staggering unemployment rate of 25.0%, but was not mentioned in MSN's 10 Worst Majors for Your Career publication. My point is- study what you love, no matter what the sources may say. Most likely properisty will come naturally.

So why is Anthropology the worse? I believe it results from simply not knowing.......not knowing what Anthropology consists of. For many, the word invokes imagery ranging from digging fossils to a clothing store (nice perfume too, if I may add), yet Anthropology is much more valuable.

The purpose of Anthropology is to learn different aspects of humankind including physical, cultural, archaeological and linguistics. What would the world be like without Anthropology? I, for one, believe it would suck lol! For example, fossilized evidence of mankind originating from the Great Rift Valley in Africa would not exist nor would systematic solutions for complex issues, i.e. HIV/AIDS.

At the end of the day, no college major a person chooses, is the "worst". Especially, if you put it into action or if it's your passion. Anthropology may be perceived as the number #1 worst major BUT it is number #1 in my heart! Cheesy, but true. I would not be who I am today if it were not for Anthropology. Before choosing the major I undertook Biology and Chemistry at Indiana State University. However, after my Sophomore year I contemplated how those choices would shape my future. I wanted to travel the world and help people- not sit in a lab for hours.

Yes, Biology and Chemistry can offer countless ways to improve society with scientific improvements, but what about deeper issues like the school to prison pipeline African American student face? Changing my major did leave outsiders concerned for my future financial being, though I am not worried. For Anthropology is my passion and passions can always lead to greater avenues.

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